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Header Art meets Solana. Welcome to Skyline NFT.

Skyline is the first generative art series to launch on Solana designed specifically for headers and cover photos on social media.

Each skyline is designed to showcase a unique scene inspired by love for travel and the occasional chaos of generative art – with a few easter eggs.

Roadmap? Check 🙏

Phase 1: Q3 2021

  • Partnerships with your favorite Solana projects and communities
  • Initial Public Mint
  • Charitable contributions to various organizations
  • 4 charities total will receive contributions of $10k
  • The next donation will be a contribution match with the Solana community up to 20k

Phase 2: Q4 2021

  • Token gated discord community powered by $GRAPE Protocol.
  • Collab Airdrops + Partnerships
  • Special airdrops to holders based on skyline attributes
  • Limited Season 2 series randomly dropped to holders
  • Opportunities to increase odds of airdrop based on token holdings (more details to come)

Phase 3: Q1 2022

  • Launchpad beta to onboard new art to Solana with community rewards
  • Skyline store to order a print of your skyline (requires burning NFT)
  • Ongoing partnerships with your favorite Solana projects and communities

Phase 4: Q2 of 2022 & beyond...

  • Launchpad live
  • More airdrops, partnerships, contests, and community rewards 

Say hello to the team 👋

FL Man

Project Manager


Public Relations


Boss Lady


IT Helpdesk


Lead Singer / Dev

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